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Expert & Professional

Tax Services

For Both Business & Personal Accounts

Tax Matters Are too important to leave to chance.

For instance, did you know that if you receive an IRS Assessment, you don't necessarily owe what is listed on the assessment? You need to seek the help of a tax professional to determine what - or even if - you owe.

Clarissa Allega has over 10 years of accounting experience. The kind of experience you need on your side.

Her office handles both individual and small business tax matters, both in and out of the United States Tax Court. She also handles Ohio taxation matters, including Ohio Sales and Use Tax, Commercial Activity Tax, Employer Withholding Tax and individual income taxes.

And with her affordable rates, why would you turn to anyone else?

Tax preparation pricing is charged by form.

Uncomplicated individual returns typically between $99.99-124.99 for single city, state and federal returns.

Business returns (including Schedule C or E) start at just $159.99

* 1099 preparation for small businesses available *

Visa & MasterCard are accepted for tax preparation services

Contact the Law Office of Clarissa Allega for more information.

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